Natural stone as one of the most sustainable and natural building materials is usually part of any construction project. And whenever natural stone is used, a multitude of architects, engineers and experts come together. 

Everyone is expected to bring their own special vision, expertise and solutions to the project. DDL’s approach is to make changes in the project, in the detailed design, in the aesthetics or in the budget available to everyone at the same time. In other words, to unite all parties involved in a platform that is adjusted to the respective needs. 

The objectives are clear. Team, timeliness, professionalism, aesthetics, detailing, changes, quantity takeoff, bidding processes, documentation, approvals, inspection as well as production and installation support. 

The DDL platform rests on four strong columns:

Blending, Estimates, Stones and Tendering.

These four columns smartly connect the objectives and allow a new economical project work. Previously, digital plans were available, masses were digitized in parallel, and bids were recorded and tracked. Only the natural stone was naturally heavy and located in distant quarries. 

DDL gives stone a digital lightness that results in clear economic advantages. DDL combines the entry of scanners into the stone industry, smart warehouse management and digital support for processing machines into a comprehensive and extremely powerful platform. From architect, designer, supplier, inspector, installer, general contractor to consultant, everyone receives smart tools tailored to their needs. In the background, all information is consolidated and made available to the team in real time for further project work.

DDL thus offers a novel smart control option for projects with natural stone – regardless of the project size. And this from project start to later maintenance. 

Spontaneously described as a Game Changer by experts, we want to convince you of the performance of DDL. Your project and one hour live demo of DDL – that’s all it takes.

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