Digital Dry Layout DDL®
The Future of Stone

DDL is a digital design software that architects can rely on
DDL is a sales tool, developed by professionals and experts
DDL is a management tool for the professional view of operations
DDL is what professionals in the stone industry use to save time and money
DDL is simple, fast, and easy to use
DDL is perfection even for unusual design requirements
DDL is yield control from the first moment of planning
DDL is a new dynamic, impresses with flexibility in all areas
DDL is SPEC, helps with LEED and can also BIM
Showcase of the DDL Stone Planning Tool on a tablet and phone
DDL (Digital Dry Layout) offers a unique solution in the field of natural stone. As a specialized software platform, DDL® has comprehensively rethought the services of the stone industry. Efficiency and creativity of architects and designers is brought to a new level. DDL® focuses on optimized planning, proof of sustainability, support in the LEED process and complete coverage of BIM requirements. In parallel, stone fabricators achieve a new level of efficiency in natural stone projects. All without neglecting traditional methods or learned craftsmanship.
The massive cost savings, more efficient use of resources and increase in project quality ensure a future-oriented company positioning in the changing market.


Your slab warehouse immediately online - presentable everywhere, visible to all customers!
Your slab warehouse online - even without a scan! Professional, detailed and convincing.
Put new slabs directly online just via smartphone! In less than 60 seconds. Guaranteed!
Send your selection via WhatsApp, Facebook, mail - with a direct link to your stone gallery.
Maintain an overview as a team at all times with the integrated intelligent solutions from DDL.
Find EVERYTHING immediately and reply directly to the customer. No more tedious searching!
Discover the ease in dealing with natural stone. Our vision: the newly conceived gallery shows its customers the stone in every detail. Whether marble, quartzite, travertine, onyx or granite, whether polished, satin, flamed - new standards have been set for both the visibility and the management of the stone slabs. And this in two directions: Sales and Projects!
For Sales, quotations and communication with customers are simplified many times over. Everything in real time, on all important channels and all devices. Precise overview and networked work with colleagues at a new level.
In projects, architects and designers have the ideal choice for every style. The direct link to project plans, costs and the stone producer's experts is unique.
Digital Stone Gallery


A picture is worth a thousand words, and a 3D scan is much more than just a picture! Our vision: show your customers, the project team, or the architect the stone from its block to the finest detail. The best part: you don't need a scanner or any other sophisticated technology. Your smartphone, coupled with DDL®, is all you need to make the block and its details visible to all your customers in just 2 minutes.
Digital Block Gallery


DDL - is intuitive, fast, and shows every stone slab in detail.
DDL - is accurate in detail, just like your plans.
DDL - is teamwork at a whole new level!
DDL - is waste control per slab right from import.
DDL - is the most effective tool for everyone involved in the project.
DDL - made for the best in stone, made for your project!
Use the know-how of DDL® in the handling of your projects! Not only the internal workflow but the entire handling of material production is simplified. Our philosophy: everything in one place - accessible with just three mouse clicks! Our market-leading tool provides every team member 24/7 with the project information and workspaces they need. As one of the major innovations, DDL® now enables architects to consistently control the design throughout the project. Discover our economical and sustainable solution for natural stone design and production. Achieve exceptional results with DDL® digital design support.
DDL® - made for the best in stone, made for your project!


Experience the simplicity of planning natural stone in your project. The worldwide unique precise and flexible planning tools of DDL® will convince you. Cost transparency, real-time calculations, yield, overviews, details and the integrated quotation system support you in your projects. DDL® stands for perfect teamwork, enables highest aesthetics, is extremely efficient and ensures high sustainability. Detailed project reports and precise processing data ensure continuous quality management. Optimize resource utilization and reduce carbon emissions in parallel with the DDL yield control system. Increase your company's efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs by up to 20%

Planning security: Extraordinary design as the new standard!

From simple to complex design tasks with natural stone, DDL® offers the world's simplest, most precise and at the same time most flexible design tool in the stone industry. DDL® stands for extraordinary design freedom! With a focus on aesthetics, the innovative and super simple handling enables the creation of efficient variants. This means not only material reliability but also cost security - and all this before the stone slabs are cut!

Quality management: Complete documentation from A to Z!

DDL® enables precise digital planning of design ideas. Transparent and traceable. Each project is automatically documented exactly by means of output of detailed reports across all project phases. In addition, all necessary production and cutting data is provided to the processing machines before cutting. The data is BIM-compliant. The inspection function and the approval process ensure that the project managers have bindingly approved production data.

Planning dynamics: Always up to date, across all planning phases - for everyone in the team!

DDL® continuously updates the stone slabs used and placed within the plans and variants. In this way, the entire project team always has access to the current data from the first draft through all planning phases to the detailed work planning. Necessary planning changes and adjustments can be made at any time via DDL®. All existing design variants are immediately updated and recalculated in the background. The simple color marking of the laid slabs as well as the intelligent error analysis supports the teamwork. DDL® thus directs the team's focus strongly to aesthetics, efficiency and the topic of slab utilization!

Cost transparency: The exact dimensions for cost estimation and tendering in real time!

Based on the project plans, DDL® provides the accurate basis for an immediate cost estimate or calculation. This new transparency for all parties involved accelerates decisions. In case of changes in the plans, an immediate adjustment of the quantities for the cost calculation takes place in parallel. Based on the current planning, there is always a clear view of the quantities and costs. DDL® offers a bidding module for the tendering of stone work. The most efficient way to tender natural stone work on the basis of project plans.

Sustainability: Optimizing the use of materials, minimizing CO2 emissions!

The innovative DDL slab utilization control intuitively optimizes the use of natural stone resources in the project . This immediately increases sustainability considerably. At the same time, the digital inspection options reduce any necessary time and travel expenses - combined with effective cost savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Reduced planning effort: increase efficiency and reduce project costs!

DDL® ensures efficient planning support. And that for the entire project team, from the office to the home office. The time savings through DDL® lead to a new economic efficiency with simultaneous digitalization of the project data. This not only increases productivity within the team. The accurate visibility of unused slab areas provides parallel value creation. DDL® enables the use of these areas in parallel in further projects. In addition, all necessary stone slabs and production data are made available for work preparation. Practical experience shows an average reduction in production costs of up to 20 percent.
Bill Pues - Urban Construction Inc - New York
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