Digital Stone Planning with Unmatched Precision

The most advanced digital tool for architects and stone suppliers to design, plan, and manage natural stone projects with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Presentation of the DDL Stone Planning Tool on a Tablet and Phone

Conventional Stone Planning - An Enormous Effort

Perfection in handling natural stone is complex and time-consuming. The susceptibility to errors and the wastage of expensive materials is high. Direct communication with clients and architects is often not possible. The result is material waste, delays, and additional costs.

The DDL Solution

The DDL application solves these problems comprehensively, easily, and intuitively. Thanks to online access, teams can collaborate seamlessly and visualize designs in real-time. The display of material consumption per raw slab facilitates optimization. With project documentation, all relevant data is captured to derive change orders directly. The best part is – every idea can be visualized, planned, and produced with minimal effort.

Total Creative Freedom
Stone designs are rendered accurately to scale in the plan.
Effortless Collaboration
Project teams always have the latest planning status and design requirements.
Optimized Material Consumption
See the slab utilization in the planning in detail and avoid waste intentionally.
Optimize Workflows
Manage projects without searching, everything is cleanly documented from design to installation.
High Quality Standards
Targeted access to detailed reports, plan statements, and precise production data.
Reduce Costs
DDL offers savings potential of up to 20% in planning, material, and installation.

What our clients say

„As architects, we face the challenge of planning natural stone projects efficiently and precisely to avoid costly mistakes and material waste. DDL has significantly helped us in this regard. The platform offers virtual layouts, full control over material selection and cutting, and BIM-compliant documentation. This clearly sets DDL apart from the competition. Now we can execute our projects exactly as planned, have real-time insight into the production status, and maintain full control.“

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Thierry Landis

Associate Director

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM)

Features of DDL Project Planning

Visualize with millimeter accuracy

With DDL project planning, it is a breeze to design the stone according to your wishes and tastes. Architects, builders, and stone manufacturers - they all love it.

Laying out after cutting is eliminated.

Teamwork that connects

Our cloud-based platform brings teams together, whether in the office on a PC or traveling on a tablet. Simply invite project participants via email, assign rights, and nothing stands in the way of collaboration.

Everyone always knows the status of the project.

Slabs with a click

Materials are easy to find in the large gallery, and own slabs can be directly digitized. Not only slab scans are used, our AI-powered tool needs nothing more than a smartphone to digitize precisely.

Effortlessly create various variants with digital materials.

More about online storage

Exact production

Detailed reports transfer the project planning directly into production. The professional insight into efficiency allows targeted adjustments and the reuse of leftover areas. Digital cutting tickets for cutting simplify the processes.

From planning to production: targeted, accurate, and digital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DDL difficult to learn and use?
Not at all. DDL was designed from the ground up to be intuitive for architects and stone professionals to use. If you can use CAD, you can use DDL. Our support team is also available to assist you with getting started.
How much does DDL cost?
DDL is completely free for architects and designers. We believe in democratizing access to our platform to promote better design. Stone suppliers and processors pay an affordable subscription based on project volume.
Which types of natural stone can I design with?
DDL supports all major types of stone, including marble, granite, quartzite, onyx, travertine, etc. You can directly access supplier inventories or scan/upload your own slabs.
Can I use DDL for small residential projects or only for large commercial projects?
DDL is designed to add value to any natural stone project, regardless of size and scope. Our platform scales from a single bathroom vanity to a multi-building complex.
How does DDL ensure the security and privacy of my data?
The security of your data is our top priority. All project data is stored on secure servers with regular backups and encryption. You retain full ownership and control of your data.

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