An online stone warehouse that boosts sales

The real-time warehouse software from DDL makes it easy to digitize inventory, interact with customers and partners, and process new orders.

Presentation of the DDL Stone Planning Tool on a tablet and phone

Physical Storage, Showrooms and Samples – Digital Boost

Showrooms are great. Sample slabs are necessary. But the sales momentum is in the field with the customer. Having everything digitally at hand, presentation-ready, visible in detail – customers feel professionally advised and taken care of.

The DDL Solution

With DDL's online slab gallery, the entire inventory can be digitized. Customers also have quick access to the inventory. The DDL AI transforms slab photos into to-scale digital objects, enabling the creation of virtual blendings and layouts.

The result? Customers are not only inspired but also emotionally tied to beautiful or unusual stone slabs. This allows for faster closings than ever before.

Increase Revenue
Make slabs visible online so that customers can easily find what they're looking for. The basis for targeted offers.
Save Time
Customers look around independently. Targeted inquiries lead to high-quality sales interactions.
Work Efficiently Together
Share slab selection and project details directly with customers and receive immediate feedback.
Manage Inventory
Secure overview of stock quantities, reserved slabs, and material usage in cutting.

What our customers say

„Our goal is to always offer our customers the best selection. With the DDL platform, we come significantly closer to this goal due to the seamless integration of our partners' inventory. Thanks to DDL, we are more flexible and significantly faster in sales.“

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Alexander Löser

Co-Managing Director

Ulisse Orlandini Naturstein

Features of the DDL Slab Gallery

Digital storage without hassle

Slabs and blocks – dimensionally accurate! All it takes is a smartphone. Our AI-powered platform takes care of the rest.

This block is simply scanned using a smartphone - in detail.

High reach increases sales

Reach customers 24/7 with the DDL Slab Gallery. The modern digital environment for slabs and blocks can be seamlessly integrated into your company's website.

By adjusting the CI, the company's appearance always remains at the forefront.

Digitally integrate suppliers and resellers

DDL seamlessly makes slabs and blocks from suppliers appear in your company gallery. Resellers have access to selected areas of the digital warehouse. This way, new sales channels are opened up.

Offer customers an intuitive search experience

Your customers can quickly find the perfect slab or block for their project with intelligent search filters. Whether by color, material, or dimensions.

The search is simple and efficient.

Visually plan projects with the team

With integrated project planning tools, even customers can virtually place, combine, and visualize slabs in no time. Architects and planners have unprecedented possibilities, from design to optimized material yield.

Discover Stone Planning

Quotes at the touch of a button

Based on the dimensionally accurate slabs, professional quotes are created with just a few clicks. Errors such as double bookings or sales are excluded. This saves the sales team valuable time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to digitize my inventory?
Most customers are ready to go within two weeks with practical support from our team.
Can I control which slabs are visible online?
Yes, you have full control to show/hide specific slabs or materials in your online gallery.
Does this replace my physical showroom?
No, but it is a powerful addition to physical displays that expands your reach and sales.
What if I need new slab photos?
We provide best practices for high-quality images or can recommend local experts.
Which ERP systems are compatible with DDL?
Any modern ERP system offers interfaces that can connect with DDL. Our developers are happy to integrate them.

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