Digital Offers for Natural Stone - Simple and Efficient

Create compelling offers with just a few clicks, from anywhere and at any time! Modern presentation, up-to-date status updates, and effective communication - for all customers in one place.

Presentation of the DDL Stone Planning Tool on a tablet and phone

Classic Offer Creation

We hear it time and again: the field service is with a customer interested in a specific material. Either this is communicated to the internal sales team or noted for later offer creation. In the office, availability is checked, images are searched for, and prices are looked up. Can't this be easier?

Digital Offers with DDL

Our digital offer platform makes work easier from the first minute. Select the desired slabs from our online warehouse, adjust possible discounts, and send! Professional offers - via email or WhatsApp. All customer interactions are automatically tracked.

Save time with digitized offers, avoid errors, and convince with speed and professionalism. Customer expectations are rising, our digital offers meet them.

Save Time
Select the exact number or area of available slabs from the online warehouse and add to the offer.
Convince Customers
Customers can see all details about the slabs online and confirm offers online with a click.
Experience Dynamics
Professional offers also on the go, sent directly to the customer in no time.
Keep Track
Keep an eye on all offers and interactions, with current status display. Plus all communication with the customer in one central place.

What our customers say

„With DDL, I can present all my slabs on the iPad at the customer's location and create an offer directly. This saves time and gives me an overview of all my offers.“

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Alexander Widmann

Managing Director

Widmann Stone Snc.

Functions of the DDL Slab Gallery

Offers in an Instant

Create offers with just a few clicks by selecting the desired slabs from the online inventory. Prices are automatically included in the offer.

Select customer, apply discount - done.

Detailed Images that Impress

High-resolution images of each slab are automatically included in the offer. This allows customers to visualize the stones directly. The dream of the finished implementation becomes tangible.

All slab details from the online inventory are linked.

Send Offers Instantly

Offers are sent directly from the platform to the customer via email or WhatsApp. Accessible on mobile, every stone visible – orders can be confirmed online or traditionally by phone.

Seamless ERP Integration

Accepted offers are automatically transferred to your ERP system. Further processing, such as creating delivery notes and invoices, then takes place there.

No data needs to be entered twice.

Customers Inquire Directly

From the online inventory, customers can request offers themselves. The inquiry becomes visible immediately and can be answered with a professional offer with just a few clicks.

More about the Online Inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue using my existing ERP system?
Yes, our platform can be connected to all common ERP systems. This way you can maintain your usual processes.
What advantage do my customers have from digitized offers?
Your customers receive a digital representation of the sheets with the offer, which allows them to continue planning directly. This speeds up projects and resale.

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