Supporting inspection digitally

DDL's approach is to support the project monitoring by an experienced and long-time trained expert as a 360 degree solution smart and digital.

DDL now adds a new powerful performance to the function of the inspector. This is used, for example, in the process of mock-up finding. And not only there but throughout the entire process of the project, the inspector can contribute his knowledge and necessary adjustments with extensive tools.
Planning, aesthetics, mock-up, estimates, tendering, awarding, dry layout as well as the final production and the continuous inspection of partial areas or the entire project - DDL supports each of these steps. Smart tools such as yield control, detailed reports and visualization from the slab to the precise individual ticket make a completely new inspection support possible. Complex blends can thus be checked in real time during production. Cut checks, dimensional accuracy, control of the necessary machining as well as the exact position in the dry layout and the final installation are possible on a completely new and at the same time extremely economical level.

The smart digitality of DDL closes the margins between project range and production cutting. The question: What happened to my inspected slabs in the cutting process? is a thing of the past. While designers and architects gain new creative freedom in dealing with natural stone, you maintain a necessary and precise control over all processes.

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