The Digital Stone Blender: Creating Stone Layouts

As architects, we have always been striving to create beautiful and unique designs for our clients. However, we often faced difficulties when it came to the implementation of our ideas, especially when dealing with natural stone. We would have to rely on the stone manufacturing companies to cut the stone according to our specifications, and hope that the end result would be as we envisioned it. This often led to costly and time-consuming revisions, and in some cases, even the complete replacement of the stone.

Digital DryLayout (DDL) is a new online tool that enables the design-oriented, digital layout of real existing natural stone slabs before the costly and irreversible cutting of the material. With DDL, architects and designers can maintain full control over the material selection, cutting, and installation of natural stones on floors, walls or facades.

DDL is free for architects and can be used with any natural stone. From the first design idea to the final acceptance of natural stone surfaces, the entire process is documented in a BIM-compliant manner and allows cost savings of up to 20% in planning and material costs.

DDL sets new standards in sustainability when dealing with natural stone: the designer has full control over material consumption and the digital inspection significantly reduces travel expenses.

Our vision was clear: a provable increase in efficiency through digitization of process chains, relying on the professional methodic knowledge we have gathered over the past decades. Recent projects show a significant cost reduction for stone manufacturers and installers through the simplified project management and digital inspection process.

DDL is a totally new product in the natural stone industry, based on our long experience in architectural projects, quarry management, and the development of user-friendly applications. We at DDL want to provide a tool that is easy to use and really helps to design and plan with natural stone.

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