DDL stands on four strong columns – BLENDING, ESTIMATES, STONES, TENDERING.

The column DDL STONES is an interactive smart digital library of natural stone slabs. In it, users can find thousands of real existing and currently available stone slabs. The library is the artificially intelligent base for digital blending of projects.

The smart structure of the library can be described as intuitive, variable, comprehensive and yet time-saving when searching. DDL STONES already makes constructive suggestions for the project when searching for the right stone. Intuitive selection criteria such as stone type, the required thicknesses, origin of the stones, producers and optical parameters focus the search and support the selection. The simplicity of the application allows for a quick run-through of variants with a minimum of time. Also directly in the concrete project plans. 

With the DDL efficiency to find the perfect individual design appearance for the own projects under economically seriously shortened expenditure makes a new competitiveness possible.

Logically, DDL STONES as a digital platform is openly accessible to all designers and their projects worldwide.

DDL STONE is a dynamic library. Daily additions of new slabs replace slabs used for projects transferred to the production process. For stone producers, the platform is the global showcase for custom slabs and materials. For architects, designers, builders and fabricators, it is the showcase to find the right stones for their project.

Through the digital smart linking with the other DDL columns to one tool, an overall and economically effective as well as sustainable project handling is additionally offered, independent of the project size.

Through API links with the individual companies, the library processes between the platform and the respective stone suppliers are automated in real time. Slab scans are fed directly to the library and are immediately available for projects. Communication with stone suppliers is direct and project-specific. The slab data is a respective calibrated scan of the raw slab, in color and size. In addition, there is the real availability of the displayed raw slab. The library contains thousands of stones from various regions of the world.


DDL Stone helps to save time and costs. Ambitious projects with a high demand for perfection can only be made possible on this basis.

The digital smart connection with the other DDL columns to one tool enables an overall and in itself economically effective as well as sustainable project handling.

In other words, DDL is a platform to find the perfect stone for each project, to blend in the project for the customer, to present, to calculate the costs and to optimally prepare the final processing and installation.

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