DDL stands on four strong columns – BLENDING, ESTIMATES, STONES, TENDERING.

DDL TENDERING is the professional support of tenders.

The aim is to precisely record the project costs for the planned natural stones. The reports generated by DDL make all data visible and calculable. While in the DDL Blending tool the aesthetic aspects predominate, the focus in DDL Tendering is on the economic and therefore important cost factors.

These for the building owners, the project controllers, the installers and the suppliers

Tendering processes are lengthy, cost-intensive, personnel-intensive and in many cases, due to the time required, they are based on planning documents that no longer correspond to the current planning status. DDL Tendering is always based on the currently available planning documents. 

The goal is to save valuable time. In order to unite the aesthetic and economic aspects in the project to a common denominator, DDL Tendering offers a series of project-related elementary aids.

Sustainability, yield of the resource natural stone slab, optimization potential, cutting optimization – all these points are smartly supported by the DDL tools and can be viewed by all project participants at any time. DDL Tendering enables the tendering of a project with parallel design and cost comparison. Optimizations can be achieved in the team or by the respective supplier in a short way. The data in the reports are updated automatically.

In addition to the planning data such as areas and cutting running meters, the reports also provide processing details including the corresponding quantities.

In addition to these relevant masses and facts, they also list the complete production data for the stone supplier. As a control tool, the detailed planning data is generated as a ticket per stone for the installer. The clear listing of all stones allows not only the simple output of the production status but also the definition of packaging sequences as well as installation sequences.

The reports are provided both as a viewable PDF printout and as a data package for common costing programs.   

Summary: With DDL Tendering, the DDL platform expands the economic use for General Contructors and Installers. Costing and Tendering becomes smart, dynamic and at the same time linked to the aesthetic requirements. The reports interface as a visual print as well as a data package to the respective estimating programs.

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