DDL stands on four strong columns – BLENDING, ESTIMATES, STONES, TENDERING. 

The aim of the column DDL ESTIMATES is the continuous support of all cost-relevant processes during a project related to the planned stone surfaces as well as the used natural stone. The basis of all project calculations are naturally the planning documents. DDL uses the digitized planning specifications for the four columns mentioned at the beginning. The DDL ESTIMATES column recognizes all necessary and available data from the planning. In the next step DDL makes these available to the project participants by means of a comprehensive report. 

The planning data are different in the respective project phases, the DDL ESTIMATES and reports adapt to these phases in each case. In large projects, sampling is performed at an early stage using a selected and representative mockup area. In the background, all masses enter into the cost estimation. Various planning variants follow for budget optimization. DDL ESTIMATES is open to variants both in the planning and in the used stone. If the plans are changed during the progress of the project, the respective DDL ESTIMATES will automatically be updated as well. Identical planning units such as kitchens, bathrooms , or stairs, for example, are integrated into the reports by a dynamic number per plan record.  

All data are made available to the project participants, such as the stone suppliers, and form the basis for any tendering processes. 

As the project progresses, the areas are updated or replaced by detailed plans from the specialist planners. This exchange of plans refines the output of the DDL ESTIMATES data. 

The final planning for the production, often adapted to the on-site measurement by the responsible installer, finally includes all necessary work steps. DDL consistently reads out all cost-relevant work steps from the installer plans and offers a continuously updated cost control. This for the installer, the supplier, the inspector as well as the project manager. The compact report summary by DDL ESTIMATES significantly reduces the workload for the presentation and calculation of alternatives. A digitally elegant way for everyone involved to sustainably increase his own competitiveness.

Conclusion: No matter at which level a project is started with DDL, DDL Estimates supports the subsequent processes and offers the basis for cost optimizations in addition to aesthetic security through the simple implementation of variants. The clear output of cost-relevant parameters is available to the entire project team.

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