The Lightness of Stone

Today's technology allows PlayStation®️, Nintendo®️, and Xbox®️ gamers to digitally jet through fantastic realms, create new worlds, and solve fantasy quests.  You can experience the same with digital blending when using Digital Drylayout.20 (DDL.20).

In all my projects, however, I had to have the stones in the final blends lay out by hand. Since the place of production and the place of final installation are often several thousand kilometers apart, the manufacturers insist that the cut stones be accepted before shipping. To this day, the finished cut stones are therefore laid out "dry", piece by piece, according to the final laying plan with great care. The so-called "blending", the matching of the background color in the material and the veining, requires professional personnel and appropriate care, since the stone is already produced, as well as a lot of time and space. At the end of the process, the project inspector will inspect the finished area, and in most cases, with his experience and the information provided by the client / architect, he will have the blending repositioned before the approval is given. 

Foto by Klemens Werner - Power Station

This process is not only time-consuming and therefore costly, more importantly, the actual designer / architect leading the design can rarely be present at the acceptance due to the great distances. So the blends are accepted on the assumption that the designer/architect likes it and reported by photos. 

One of the dry lay inspection for WTC-area

Since the shipping takes place immediately after the acceptance only exceptionally a change in the sense of the architect and designer is possible. This all means a massive restriction in the creative handling of natural stones and the resulting possibilities up to the topic of the material yield. With all this knowledge from many international projects an interdisciplinary team was put together and the platform Digital Drylayout - DDL.20 was developed. The issues were clearly defined: 

What if all project participants had full control over the stone, the design, the dimensions and the costs at all times? 
What if, like our children, we could jet through the project at any time from home, in real time, and together, trying out ideas and building completely new design ideas?
What if we could give the stone a digital lightness and combine it almost playfully before the traditional processing to compose in a new and unexpected way?

The platform Digital Drylayout is a tool that supports the art of blending in a playful way on a new scale with a precision that has not been available before. A tool that compiles the necessary measurements for the calculation in real time and sends them directly to the calculation programs. A tool which summarizes real existing individual materials with their properties and dimensions worldwide in a real-time database and makes them available for projects.  A tool that automatically provides the final necessary cutting data and cutting tickets for production. 

Digital dry layout area - based on a range of blended slabs before cutting (material Lasa Venato Vena D'Oro TM®)

First projects with our partners prove the newly created creative possibilities for the blendmasters as well as the significant simplification of cost-intensive processes. Most importantly, however, the realization appears to be that natural stone slabs that have been difficult to use up to now can be blended into new unique symphonies of stone. Digital Drylayout thus becomes a resource-saving tool at the planners' side, ecologically and also economically.

It is an exhilarating experience to compose with this unusual lightness of the stone itself.

The conclusion of the first DDL.20 Blendmaster

In our next team training course you can try it out yourself!
For access please contact us.

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