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Stone Goes Digital - Your Slabs Too?

For sure, in your stock there are blocks and slabs that are more beautiful than any other. But they do not meet the common standard. At the same time, each slab is unique in its appearance.

Nature has created wonderful stones but sometimes they do not meet the optical or industrial requirements and standards. And this although these stones are more than just beautiful. In the past there was no technology to use these slabs in projects from an economic point of view. There was a lack of basis for quarry owners and installers to process these stones to the satisfaction of architects and designers. But now with the performance of DDL, new unexpected possibilities are opening up than ever before.

At DDL, we don't want you to change your business. We want you to use these slabs for extraordinary projects that will make extraordinary a new reality. As individual as the stones, so individual should be the projects or vice versa. What we want is that you have more yield from the quarry and more success in the projects.
We want your customers to fall in love with your stones. We want designers to like your stone when implementing new ideas. We want architects to use these wonderful custom stones in their projects to create things that never existed before. And we want you to control the process to save costs and increase yield.

Have you heard all this before? At DDL, we don't just say it. We just do it!

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