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How DDL is Changing the Way We Design with Natural Stone

As architects, we have always been striving to create exceptional designs that are able to emotionally impact the people who interact with them. In order to do so, we need to have a strong understanding of the materials that we use and how to use them efficiently. Whenever we work with natural stone, we are always mindful of its beauty, its durability, and its unique properties. However, we often encounter problems when it comes to the implementation of our design ideas and ensuring the quality of the final product.

This is why we are excited to introduce DDL, the most innovative tool for planning natural stone surfaces. With DDL, we are able to maintain full control over the material selection, cutting, and installation of natural stones. This allows us to create beautiful, sustainable, and efficient designs that will exceed our clients' expectations.

DDL is a free online tool that enables a design-oriented, digital layout of real existing natural stone slabs. With DDL, we are able to create accurate models of the stone slabs that we are planning to use. This way, we can easily visualize how the final product will look like and make necessary changes before the stone is cut.

In addition, DDL provides us with precise data for cost estimation. With this tool, we are able to save up to 20% in planning and material costs. DDL sets new standards in sustainability when dealing with natural stone: the designer has full control over material consumption and the digital inspection significantly reduces travel expenses.

We believe that DDL is a game changer in the world of architecture and design. With DDL, we are able to create incredible designs that are efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective. We invite you to try DDL today and see for yourself how it can transform the way you work with natural stone.

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