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The Benefits of the Digital Stone Blender

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the stone industry is one of the last to catch up. However, there are many benefits to using digital tools in stone planning.

The digital stone blender is an innovative new tool that allows designers and planners to create a digital layout of real, existing natural stone slabs before the costly and irreversible process of cutting the material. With the DDL®22, natural stone Surfaces can be designed with unprecedented precision, control, and flexibility - all while remaining free of charge for architects.

DDL®22 is the result of years of experience in architectural projects, quarry management, and the development of user-friendly applications. Its creators have worked on projects for renowned architectural offices such as SOM and KPF, and have learned from both sides of the process - the work of the architect and the manufacturing process of the stone companies. This experience has resulted in a tool that meets the requirements of all parties involved and doesn't always require a personal presence on site.

DDL®22 is a cloud-based online tool that is accessible from any device. All data is stored on German GDPR-ready servers and is available online at any time. The tool offers a variety of features that simplify the planning process, including a BIM-compliant production release and digital monitoring until final acceptance. With DDL®22, planners and designers can maintain full control over the material selection, cutting, and installation of natural stones - while also reducing costs by up to 20%.

Some of the benefits of using the digital stone blender include:

1. You have full control over the material selection, cutting, and installation of natural stones.

2. The entire process is documented in a BIM-compliant manner, which can save you up to 20% in planning and material costs.

3. You can minimize material waste and travel expenses with the digital inspection process.

4. The online tool is accessible from any device and data is stored cloud-based on German servers.

5. You can view all data and reports from the quarry to the installation in one place.

If you are planning a project that involves natural stone, the DDL22 is a tool that you should definitely consider using. It will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

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