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Designed for a new economical and sustainable approach to natural stone. We involve all project participants, while the architect keeps the design lead. Discover our estimation, mock-up and tendering tools.
Digital Drylayot for Architects
Digital Drylayot for Suppliers
Digital Drylayot for Inspectors
Digital Drylayot for Installers


With DDL, you can precisely position scanned, existing stone slabs to identify slight differences in color and structure at an early stage. This allows the digital blending to be perfectly optimized before cutting.
Charles Harris - Associate Architect at SOM - New York



Planning security: Extraordinary design as the new standard!

From simple to complex planning tasks with natural stone, DDL offers the world's simplest, most precise and at the same time flexible design tool in the stone industry in combination with extraordinary design freedom, a focus on aesthetics and the simple creation of efficient variants.

Cost transparency: The exact dimensions for cost estimation and tendering in real time!

Based on the project plans, DDL offers the exact basis for an immediate cost estimate, transparency for all parties involved, always an up-to-date adjustment of the masses and project costs based on the ongoing planning, as well as a bidder module for the efficient tendering of the natural stone work.

Planning dynamics: Always up to date, across all planning phases - for everyone in the team!

DDL constantly updates the design for the entire project team from the first design / draft through all phases of planning to detailed work planning, shows parallel planning changes in all variants and innovatively supports teamwork with a focus on aesthetics, efficiency and sustainability!

Quality management: Complete documentation from A to Z!

With DDL, every design idea is digitally and transparently accompanied at all times by the documented output of detailed reports in all project phases and by the final provision of all necessary processing data for the machines before cutting, BIM-compliant and certified by inspectors.

Sustainability: Optimizing the use of materials, minimizing CO2 emissions!

The innovative DDL yield control intuitively optimizes the use of natural stone resources in the project and thus increases sustainability. At the same time, the digital inspection tools avoid travel expenses - all combined with effective cost savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Reduced planning effort: increase efficiency and reduce project costs!

The DDL app ensures efficient planning support for the project team from the office to the home office and leads to economically valuable time savings with simultaneous digitization, increased productivity - also combined with a reduction in production costs by up to 20 percent.


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