A digital platform for installers

Precise and detailed planning is the basis for a successful project. We at DDL know from many projects about the responsibility as well as the large bundle of tasks of the installers. In addition, there is usually time pressure and budget guidelines. DDL's smart and digital tools come into effect exactly here to create economic advantages and thus strengthen competitiveness. The aesthetic aspects, often fixed by a range specification, are digitale blended in detail in advance by the supplier as well as approved by the architect or builder before production starts. The estimation of masses is updated on the basis of the plans in force at the time. In this way, the status of the costs can be continuously tracked vis-à-vis the supplier, but also for the installer's own invoicing. Changes can be easily incorporated into ongoing blending. The detailed transfer of all processing details massively reduces errors in production, which usually lead to high time expenses in the adjustment on site. The optical templates for the exact position and rotation of the individual pavers create on-side clarity and accelerate the installation process. The optical fitting of slabs that may have broken during transport is digitally prepared and coordinated. Thus, precise re-cutting or re-supply is possible. There are many factors that speak for the benefits of DDL, but the greatest is the absolute satisfaction of all project participants. They are the basis for further joint projects. Take a look at the performance of DDL. It is not an empty promise. We live stone, every day!
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